AR:EVC – Prologue

Ok, so… I am going to add this note here just to clarify some stuff for new readers.
This story’s main enemies are not zombies but Z.O. Institute and of course some various other cannon fodder a-holes. They do however fight against zombies in the early chapters. And as it can be predicted from the title, this story is filled with all sorts of fantasy races/creatures. So if you are looking for a regular apocalypse novel I would suggest you pass on this one.

For those who stayed! Enjoy!

As the mad researcher in a tattered white coat activated the self-destruction device, Qin Luo knew that this time, there was no escape. The latest explosive developed by Z.O. originates from an explosive mutant plant extract. With as little as ten milliliters it can obliterate the former Pentagon. As for this self-destruction device of the Z.O. Institute, the extract of the mutant plant is stored in tonnage.

Qin Luo is unable to comprehend the terrible consequences of this activation. The faces of his teammates, the victims they had just rescued, his nephew, whom was tortured to skin and bones flashed through his mind. They have just escaped past the one-kilometer range of the Institute. They will not survive the sixty second countdown.

What can he do in sixty seconds? Deactivate this advance self-destruct device? Even if he was standing right next to the self-destruct device, deactivating the device in such a short period of time was absolutely impossible. Moreover, his current position is a laboratory on a platform, on the third floor and time is needed for him to rush to the first floor where the device is situated. Furthermore, this level has been swarmed by zombies. Clearing the zombies of the remaining two floors would also take at least a few minutes, let alone reaching the device console and interrupting the self-destruction device that has been submerged in zombies…

Qin Luo looked up to the roof where he had left the Hang Gliding Wings, the distance between him and it was roughly 30 meters. Perhaps he could use it to place some distance between him and the device and hide in his space to escape the fatal explosive waves. He then looked down. The self-destruction device submerged in the zombie pile is approximately 15 meters away from him. Lifting his legs, he ran and jumped, he was not heading up, but down towards the zombies below.

Although the zombies acted as a cushion for his landing, Qin Luo still broke two ribs, and many zombies had clawed at his body. But right now this was not important, he finally closed the distance between him and the self-destruct device.

Under the looks of horror from several surviving researchers, the self-destructing device and its metal vessel disappeared into thin air.

“Space ability user!” Someone exclaimed.

However, everyone understands that although space ability users can rely on their space to devour a certain amount of explosive energy, it is very risky. If the explosive energy exceeds the amount one’s space could absorb, not only would the explosion not be stopped, his space would be torn and his bones crushed into dust.

No one is clearer of the strength and potency of this explosive plant extract than this group of researchers. The behavior of this space ability user is tantamount to smashing a stone with an egg, futile.

This novel is translated by – The Sounds of Soothing Rain – Please kindly read it on our site.

“No, he is not an ability user, I have seen a picture of him… He! He is the one we have been searching for, the person with the inborn mature genetic space!” A staff member pointed and exclaimed in excitement at Qin Luo who was quickly being swallowed by the group of zombies.

What that staff said was correct. Qin Luo’s space is inborn. There are fundamental differences between those who have acquired spatial abilities when the apocalypse began and before it. This meant his space is more resilient and sturdy. It can even be split out, transferred and shared. However, to what extent this horrible explosion can be suppressed… even Qin Luo himself does not know.

Qin Luo clearly felt the tearing of his space as a burst of intense pain shot through his brain.

Although he had struggled and survived for ten years through the apocalypse, in the end he could not escape death. However, it is certain that with the slight deterrence caused by his space, the strength of the explosion will certainly be weakened. This should provide the chance for his comrades and his only remaining blood relative to escape this crisis.

Familiar faces flashed through his eyes. They were his loved ones, friends, that came into his life and each of them had took turns leaving him for a better place than this Earth. Nevertheless, now it’s all good, they are smiling and waving at him. No trace of fear could be seen from Qin Luo, death is by far a blessing compared to living.

Translator: DC Proofreader: Naito

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17 thoughts on “AR:EVC – Prologue

  1. gracias por la traducción, ya había empezado a leer esta novela en otro lugar pero la dejaron sin terminar y no sabia que hacer, muchas gracias


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