AR:EVC – Chapter 7: Unexpected Fortune

Sorry for the super duper delay. Had been sick for the last 2 weeks and it was really hard looking at the computer with a pounding headache. Also a headsup that the other chapters may be delayed too as I need to find myself a job asap so I may be pretty busy.

A shocking burst of cries startled Qin Luo awake from his dreams.
He did not have time to pay attention to Ink who laid in bed, staring at him with his sparkling eyes nor did he have time to questions why he was lying in bed when he should have been leaning on the headboard. Qin Luo pulled open the door of the master bedroom hurriedly and saw Qin Ke standing barefoot and all in the living room crying “wah wah” with his mouth drawn down.

Qin Ke turned around when he heard the sound of the door and found the Little Uncle whom he thought had secretly runaway again. With his small little legs, he rushed over *pi pi pa pa* and latched onto Qin Luo.

Qin Luo quickly picked him up and patted his back, coaxing him. Qin Ke immediately wiped a pile of snot and tears on his shoulders. He took this chance to say his grievances and tell him that he was scared.

This the first time Ink had seen an actual human child, he was really curious about the soft and squishy thing. In Qin Ke’s case, he finally noticed the presence of a stranger and stared at them in surprise. He sized up Ink, forgetting that he was crying.

Qin Luo turned his head and saw Ink coming closer. Ink carefully used his index finger, softly poking Qin Ke’s chubby face and said with the look of awe in his face, “It’s so soft.”

In fact, Ink has long known that this little guy had been awake. Initially he found it really interesting, tracking Qin Ke as he rushed in and out of several rooms but he didn’t expect that after ‘running here and there’ he would suddenly burst into tears.

Qin Ke’s lashes were wet with tears. He asked Qin Luo as he sobbed, “Little – Little Uncle, he – who is he?”

Qin Luo patted Qin Ke’s back and introduced Ink, “He’s uncle’s friend, you can call him Uncle Ink.”

Qin Ke stared at Ink and came to a conclusion, “Little Uncle, you are lying to me! This is a very beautiful, super beautiful sister.” Averting his eyes, “Ah~ I know, she is Little Uncle’s ‘girlfriend’, Little Uncle, you are very amazing!”

Qin Luo pinched Qin Ke’s small nose, “You’re not allowed to talk nonsense, this is an uncle.”

Qin Ke mouthed back, “ Liar ~ I don’t believe you, Humph╭(╯^╰)╮!”

The edges of Qin Luo’s mouth twitched. He smiled apologetically at Ink, thinking in his heart that this stinky brat had not been so difficult before.

Qin Ke obviously did not intend to give up on this subject, looking Ink up and down, checking him out before his eyebrows twisted, “When I was living with Little Uncle, there was also someone with big eyes, lips that were very red, a person that looked very beautiful came to visit you. Grandaunt Liu said that when I see someone like this, I should call sister because all people that are pretty are sister but they were all not as pretty as this ‘sister’, a few levels below ah.”

Qin Luo was speechless. “This is really not a sister, be obedient, greet Uncle Ink.”

Qin Ke still did not believe his uncle. He arched forwards, away from Qin Luo, trying to get closer to Ink. Noticing that Qin Luo stayed still, he protested, “Let me touch them a bit, then I will know if it is a sister or uncle.”

Qin Luo had no choice but to bring him closer to Ink, Ink heard Qin Ke and seemed to liked him. He opened his unblinking big eyes and looked at the little guy.

Qin Luo hadn’t expected it at all… Qin Ke’s touch meant attacking the ‘chest’ area. Looking at his small hands pressing against Ink’s chest, Qin Luo’s face was covered in black lines and he carried him away.

Qin Ke was somewhat dissatisfied, “Little Uncle, I haven’t touched it properly yet!”

Qin Luo freed a hand and pinched Qin Ke’s chubby cheek. He once again smiled apologetically to Ink but he did not expect Ink to imitate his nephew, using a hand to touch his (Qin Luo) and Qin Ke’s chest. Hesitantly, he actually touched Qin Luo’s left ‘thing’ and because it got kneaded and pinched, the nub on Qin Luo’s chest became a small hard bean. Ink was curious and continued to pinch it twice. Qin Luo retreated in surprise.

Ink was shocked by his retreat. Qin Ke was left unclear. After a while he turned his head and took a look at his Little Uncle. He saw a red face and then turned to look back at Ink who was unsure of his mistake.

Qin Luo was speechless. He had actually allowed someone to ‘attack’ his chest. What’s more, the person who ate his tofu was actually a man, even worse, this person is actually the boss of the Alliance of Saviours at the time of the apocalypse. He couldn’t help but to give Qin Ke’s butt a not hard yet not soft smack. It’s all this stinky brat’s fault.

Qin Ke rubbed his little butt, “Why the heck did you beat me?!”

Qin Luo stared at him, “Who told you to have itchy hands!”

Qin Ke was not afraid of his Little Uncle, he was dissatisfied when he heard Qin Luo, “I did not simply touch it. Mommy said that if I want to see if a beautiful person is a man or woman, first we have to look at their chest. If this is not clear then the only way is touch it. If there is no boing boing meat then it is a man, I can call uncle or brother but some may not be girl because mommy said some of them use fake dong dong to make it soft soft to lie to people.

Qin Luo silently looked to the heavens, anybody taught by a genius would definitely turn out to be an extraordinary little freak. He could already foresee the days as a godfather would definitely be entangled in trouble. Not only must he deal with constant, various, unknown threats of the apocalypse, he must also constantly deal with the ten thousand problems this stinky brat would bring him. He would also need to correct the various reasons which will cause these ten thousand troubles.

Qin Luo knocked Qin Ke’s forehead, “Don’t listen to the nonsense sprouted by your old hag, you don’t need that method to distinguish them.”
Qin Ke bitterly clutch his small forehead, “Little Uncle, then how do I tell if it’s boy or girl? Touch down there??? Mommy says that grownups cannot do it that way, they will get beaten.”

After saying this his face carried the expression of ‘did you get beaten before?’ and ‘ you definitely have been beaten before’. This almost made Qin Luo throw a fit. During the apocalypse, he had cultivated his heart and the calmness of his mind but when facing Qin Ke’s nonsense, he was completely stirred like a pot of boiling soup. He can’t help but to mourn silently in his heart, “Little children are the most difficult animals to understand in the world.”

He noted Qin Ke was planning to open his mouth again and hastily covered Qin Ke’s mouth, “You’re not allowed to continue causing trouble, be good and go play with Uncle Ink in the living room. Little Uncle will make you guys some breakfast and if you’re naughty again, I will cut your portion of snacks by half.”

Qin Ke licked his lips, stopped being difficult and nodded.

Who knew that just as Qin Ke was placed on the ground that Qin Luo’s phone would ring. Qin Luo answered the phone and the other party conveyed their message, surprising him a little.

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It turns out that Qin Ke’s adoption procedures have been completed. Assets and properties under Qin Ya’s name have also been transferred to Qin Luo. This also included two to three farms and estates under Walter. Mr Donaldson’s men would bring all the relevant documents to Qin Luo today. If Qin Luo would like to realize the assets and properties, his boss will also provide assistance. However he clearly implied that Mr. Donaldson hopes they will leave the UK* as soon as possible. It’s also preferable if they did not cross paths in the future.

*T/N: It was UK in the original text. I think the author mixed it up. I have no idea how Qin Luo teleported from France to UK without taking the plane or the train.

Qin Luo did not know what strings George pulled to allow the process to be completed in just one day. Nonetheless, looking at how the assets and properties were transferred to his name, it can be seen that he was planning to cause trouble.

If the person who sent the threatening mail had not been Qin Luo himself but an old acquaintance of Walter’s; some of the assets should have belonged to Walter’s old acquaintance’s son. Originally it should be under Qin Ke’s name but now, even the smallest of assets was transferred over to Qin Luo and George hoped it would give birth to trouble for him. Let him come. The corner of Qin Luo mouth arched into a sarcastic smile, George’s wishful thinking was doomed.

Qin Luo was not polite and had directly requested for the middleman to pass on the message to Mr. Donaldson; he would not be leaving the UK for the time being as he still had some personal affairs to deal with, although the length of their stay would not be too long and in regards to Mr Donaldson’s proposal, he thinks it’s fairly good. He hopes to cash out all his sister’s assets but for his brother-in-law’s estates, he would like to inspect it before he made a decision. He also had a small teeny tiny request that he hopes Mr. Donaldson could help him with.

The middleman immediately felt nervous, he had assumed that the lion was going to part its large jaw* but when he heard Qin Luo would just like Mr. Donaldson to help forge a few identification documents and a passport, the tension instantly left his body. This matter was but a breeze for Mr. Donaldson

*T/N: It’s a slang/chinese idiom to describe someone who was planning to demand some extreme condition/prices etc.

Both parties came to an agreement that they were satisfied with. Naturally, no more time needed to be wasted and they even skipped pleasantries and hung up their phones hurriedly.

Qin Luo saw the big one and tiny one, two curious babies with their ears perked up; he let out a sigh. He ruffled Qin Ke’s hair, “We will have something simple for breakfast and there will be guests shortly. At that time, uncle will have some important matters to discuss with the guests so Xiao Ke, you need to be good and stay in the room with Uncle Ink. You’re not allowed to run around.”

All of the sudden, Qin Ke pursed his lips, “Little Uncle, yesterday you said you will take me to the amusement park…”

Qin Luo pinched the little pout, “When we return home, I will take you and we can go crazy for a week but now you will have to be obedient.”

Qin Ke’s eyes lit up with delight and he grinned from ear to ear, “En en, I will be good, I will not come out and will watch Uncle Ink, I will not let him out!”

Qin Luo turned to Ink, “When the others are here, I think it’s best if you don’t reveal yourself. Wait until we leave the UK, then you won’t need to sneak around, hiding yourself so secretively.”

Ink obediently nodded, “I will listen to you…” as long as you don’t abandon me.

Qin Luo extended his arm and patted Ink’s head. This bastard… he is very tall but in some ways he is actually similar to a kid.

They ate a simple breakfast and just as they finished cleaning up, the doorbell rang. Qin Luo made a face; Ink and Qin Ke obediently hid in a room.

Qin Luo opened the door and the two people in their traditional western suits stated their intentions before they were invited into the house an escorted to the living room by Qin Luo.

Qin Luo swiftly went through the papers one after another. He then also provided an estimate of prices for the assets which he found acceptable. Then he emphasised his ‘hopes’ for this to be realized as soon as possible and if Mr. Donaldson feels that the time provided is too short and he has difficulty selling them, he wouldn’t mind lowering it two to three time below market price. He would not get angry because of this. As for Qin Ke’s inheritance, the men sent over by Mr. Donaldson did not even bring up the subject, they just placed everything under Qin Luo’s name. Qin Luo also did not bring up the subject of Qin Ke’s inheritance, after all, post apocalypse these things will be nothing but a waste of paper.

After the negotiation, the two handed the deeds of the three farms and estates over to Qin Luo. Qin Luo scanned over the deeds before returning one of the deeds to the two men.

The deed was for a medium-sized winery, Qin Luo does not intend to keep this estate. This type of estate cannot be acquired by people without power, it will be difficult to get it out of his hands within a short time. For this big piece of juicy meat, George will not be able to scam an outsider like him due to the blackmail. Qin Luo is clear that he can live peacefully right now was because the search on Donaldson had revealed a series of clues that indicated the sender had a very good background and that it was not Qin Luo. If he had sent it under his own name, Donaldson would definitely be worried day and night and that would not be a good thing. After the apocalypse began, this place would also be deserted at that time, it would not matter whose name it is under.

The two men held the deed of the winery with a strange expression. They were about to question Qin Luo’s actions when he beat them to it, “This estate has a long history, originally it had belonged to the Donaldson House. Although my brother-in-law had inherited it, it is still the property of the Donaldsons’. I do not intend to accept it but as the caregiver of the only remaining successor of Walter Donaldson, I will take two thirds of the estate’s existing wine for the successor. As for the remaining one third, along with the estate, I would like to kindly ask Mr. Donaldson to care for it. I believe that Walter will agree with my decision, after all Mr. Donaldson is also his relative.”

The two of them are Donaldson’s cronies and hearing this, they were extremely happy. However they do not know what medicine Qin Luo is selling in his gourd; would he have excessive demands? It made them slightly hesitant at the proposal.

Qin Luo lightly laughed for a while before he stood up, “If there’s nothing more, I won’t keep the two of you.”

The two men glanced at each other and understood that he had the intention of sending them on their way. While they were still a little skeptical about him sending this big piece of juicy meat in his mouth back to them, it was still none of their business. As long as they bring the good news back to Mr. Donaldson, the two of them would receive many benefits. They tidied up the paperwork, stood up and left with their faces full of smiles.

Qin Luo touched his chin as he decided to take the chance to use the farms and increase the rations in his reserve to prepare for the apocalypse.

Translator: DC Proofreader: Naito

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